The healing power of hydrotherapy

22nd May 2024

“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo da Vinci L’eau, aqua, wasser – wherever you hail from in the world, the recuperative properties of water have been universally known…


Delivering a decade of excellence

28th April 2024

Thursday, April 22, marked the tenth anniversary of the day The Clavadel welcomed its first patients; 10 years at the heart of Guildford’s healthcare community and more than 10 years since Clavadel…


New Year, New Look!

3rd January 2024

Traditionally, the new year comes weighed down with well-intentioned resolutions. Here at The Clavadel, however, our singular resolve has been to continue with a programme of expansion and improvements to the services…


Stay well read for optimal well-being

10th December 2023

Knowledge is a valuable commodity at any time, but when it comes to dealing with a challenging medical procedure and the need to maximise one’s recovery, it is positively invaluable. So, time…


The future made present

29th September 2023

Held at Guildford Pavilion on the afternoon and evening of September 22, One Orthopaedics’ annual Educational Event – co-sponsored, this year, by The Clavadel – adopted technological advancement as its theme for…


Behind the scenes: An ongoing series of glimpses into everyday life at The Clavadel

31st July 2023

In this, the third in our series of ‘behind the scenes’ interviews, we spoke to our matron Cristine Farinas to understand what drives her to be so successful in her role at…


Summer Fun at The Weyside

29th June 2023

Anyone who has spent time at The Clavadel will surely attest to the selfless devotion to duty of each and every member of our staff. Indeed, residents have often made complimentary remarks…


Renew, revamp, recycle!

5th May 2023

As you might expect from a company steeped in a history of caring, ecological awareness – coupled with a sense of community engagement – is a social responsibility keenly felt by everyone…


Harmony in healthcare: The holistic approach to wellbeing

31st March 2023

Any successful journey along the road to wellbeing should realistically include a holistic approach to healing that brings harmony between mind and body. Dictionary defined as: the state of being comfortable, healthy,…


Modern knee surgery: understanding the options.

17th February 2023

On Thursday February 9, 2023, we were pleased to host a comprehensive and informative talk from a leading consultant who discussed the challenges and potential options of those facing knee replacement surgery….


Art from the heart

16th December 2022

As part of our recent reappraisal of the decor at The Clavadel, the artworks that adorn the rooms of the patient bedrooms were always going to play an important part in the…


Refreshed & Renewed

2nd November 2022

Customer wellbeing is, and always has been, our guiding principle at The Clavadel. While clinical excellence remains the foremost priority, our guests will attest to the importance we place on comfortable and…


What is Prehabilitation?

1st July 2022

Why PreHab Total joint replacement surgery is considered as one of the most successful medical interventions, with significant pain relief and improvement in physical function and quality of life for patients with…


Seventy glorious years

6th June 2022

On Friday, June 3rd, 2022, patients and staff at The Clavadel gathered in grateful celebration for the life and constant, reassuring presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the occasion of…


New Partnership with VAMED

17th May 2022

VAMED invests in post-operative rehabilitation specialist Clavadel to form a new joint venture in UK post-acute rehabilitation The boards of VAMED, the international healthcare group, and The Clavadel Co. Limited part of…


Stepping out into the light

25th February 2021

It certainly feels like it has been a long winter – overshadowed, of course, by the restrictions placed on us all by the national coronavirus lockdown. But behind the scenes, here at…