New Year, New Look!

Traditionally, the new year comes weighed down with well-intentioned resolutions. Here at The Clavadel, however, our singular resolve has been to continue with a programme of expansion and improvements to the services we offer. As a result, we are pleased to announce we have completed refurbishing our physiotherapy treatment rooms.

Ensuring the highest standards at all times, each room has been upgraded to maximise its potential. Three of the rooms now feature mini gyms with walking rails and treatment beds, whilst the fourth will remain dedicated to consultations and massage therapy.

With client well-being at the heart of the changes, work steadily progressed over the course of 2023, enabling us to broaden our outreach into the local community – a development that has proved highly popular, as outpatient appointments are in great demand.

Of course, all this is in addition to improvements to our main gym which will be started shortly – so watch this space!

For further details on the range of treatment options available, please contact the reception team on 01483 561944 or email