Update from Clavadel

The Geoghegan Group Coronavirus Strategy Statement

At The Clavadel we take prevention and control of infection very seriously and in order to protect our staff, patients and visitors we have taken extra precautions at this time.

Our staff are all trained and knowledgeable about infection prevention and control and we have special policies we follow to help keep everyone safe.

On arrival to work our staff enter by only one entrance in order to reduce footfall in the corridors. They are then screened for Covid-19 symptoms and have their temperature taken and anyone with symptoms or a high temperature returns home to self-isolate and arrange a Coronavirus test.

Our staff perform 3 Covid-19 tests per week, these are 3 lateral flow tests and 1 PCR test. Any staff having positive test results isolate at home in line with government policy.

Our staff wash their hands and use hand sanitiser on arrival for their shift and regularly throughout the day. On arrival to work they put on the regulation Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, apron and facemask), which is designed to protect them and everyone around them.

Staff ensure they maintain Social Distance guidelines wherever possible and practical while carrying out their duties and they will be mindful of this at all times.

Our Housekeeping and Catering teams follow cleaning guidance very strictly in order to help with prevention and control of infection. We use dedicated deep cleaning equipment as appropriate and our cleaning regimes are maintained at all times.

The clinical team work very closely with Public Health England and follow all national Coronavirus policies and procedures.

Our patients are screened for Covid-19 symptoms on arrival at The Clavadel and every day thereafter while they are with us. Any patient with a high temperature or showing any signs of developing symptoms of Coronavirus will be kept safely in their rooms while we arrange for clinical consultation for them and any necessary diagnostic testing to help find out the cause of their symptoms. Patients are asked to wash their hands regularly and we welcome our patients to use the hand sanitiser units available throughout the building.


We are pleased to announce that in line with government guidance we are now able to welcome 3 designated named visitors per guest staying at The Clavadel.

The following rules apply:

  • Named visitors should not change unless exceptional circumstance.
  • Designated visitors may visit patients in their individual rooms or request the visiting area in the Drawing Room in advance if they prefer, however only one patient visitor group is permitted at any one time.
  • Before being admitted to the building visitors must have a Lateral Flow Test performed and negative result. Ensure all patients and visitors are aware, in advance, that the Lateral Flow Test process will take up to 15 minutes in order that visitors are prepared for the wait for test results outside of the building.
  • Visitors are encouraged to perform the Lateral Flow Test at home before coming to The Clavadel
  • Visitors will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms and recorded on entry to the building.
  • Visitors will be issued with our standard issue PPE on arrival – mask, gloves and apron.
  • PPE must be worn at all times.
  • Visitors must be advised to maintain social distancing guidance.
  • Non-designated visitors are permitted to visit the patient outside of the building in one of the outside areas
  • Children under 18 years old may visit the patient outside of the building in one of the outside areas

The lateral flow tests can also be taken by visitors at home if they applying for home testing via the NHS self-test online request: 2 rapid tests per week (one every 3-4 days) need to be performed.


Once a negative swab test result is recorded your guest will be assisted to put on the necessary PPE (mask, gloves and apron), they are then free to enter the building and visit you in our drawing room.



Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic we have closely followed the Pool Water and Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) guidelines on how to maintain a safe pool environment.

Chlorine is one of the most effective chemicals to eradicate bacteria and viruses and our pool is kept at a recommended constant rate of 1.5 ppm of free chlorine by a sophisticated computerised dosing machine. At this level it is not possible for Covid-19 virus to survive in water, on any surfaces or easily in the air as the chlorine is also released into the air. The whole pool area is cleaned everyday with this chlorine solution.

The size of our pool allows us to treat patients with a 2m social distance, and we have staggered timings to be able to maintain this throughout the day.

All physios will be wearing face masks, as to treat you they need to be within the 2m distancing, and will clean equipment between patient sessions.

Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatments

We are happy to announce we are now able to offer outpatient physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments again. Please see more info here.