Update from The Old Hall

The Old Hall Coronavirus Strategy Statement

At The Old Hall we take prevention and control of infection very seriously and in order to protect our Residents, staff and visitors we have taken extra precautions at this time.

Our staff are all trained and knowledgeable about infection prevention and control and we have policies we follow to help keep everyone safe.

On arrival at work our staff enter by only one entrance in order to reduce footfall in the corridors. They will then change into their uniform so that the uniform is not worn outside the Home, where it could potentially become infected. After washing their hands, they take and record their temperature. Anyone with a high temperature immediately leaves the building and informs the senior person on duty by telephone. They then return home to self-isolate and arrange a Coronavirus test.

Our staff wash their hands on arrival for their shift and regularly throughout the day. On arrival at work they put on the regulation Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, apron and facemask), which is designed to protect them and everyone around them. Staff ensure they maintain Social Distance guidelines wherever possible and practical while carrying out their duties and they will be mindful of this at all times.

Our Housekeeping and Catering teams follow cleaning guidance very strictly in order to help with the prevention and control of infection. We use dedicated deep cleaning equipment as appropriate and our cleaning regimes are maintained at all times.

Our Residents are screened on arrival at The Old Hall and wherever possible have a negative test result before they arrive. All Residents have their temperature taken every day while they are with us. Any Resident with a high temperature or showing any signs of developing symptoms of Coronavirus will be kept safely in their rooms while we arrange for clinical consultation for them and any necessary diagnostic testing to help find out the cause of their symptoms. The Old Hall has Coronavirus testing available and Residents can be tested at any time. In line with Government guidance, Staff will be tested weekly and Residents every 28 days as a matter of course.

Residents are asked to wash their hands regularly and will be assisted to do so by Staff. Hand sanitizers are not available in Residents rooms as studies have shown that it is preferable to wash with soap and water and dry your hands with paper towels, all of which is available.

Our routines have been redesigned to accommodate the current guidelines for Social Distancing. We are running small group activities outside, while social distancing. We have “by appointment” visiting, which is taking place outside with social distancing: we do ask that you arrange to have only one visitor at a time to help with these guidelines. We are continuing to use the 2 metre rule for social distancing due to the vulnerability of our Residents.

Essential services such as chiropody and hairdressing are taking place, with practitioners wearing full protective equipment as prescribed by government guidelines.